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DRUM LESSONS KNOXVILLE TN: Popular Knoxville Academy of Music instructor Ryan Byrne is currently accepting new online drum students of all ages – but act fast, he only has a few spots remaining on his schedule!

History of Drums

Drums and percussion instruments in general are the oldest type of musical instruments used by human beings. The earliest known recorded appearance of drums was in 5500 BC. They were made from alligator skins by Neolithic cultures in China. However, it is believed that drums were made out of other natural materials by various cultures many generations earlier.

The first version of a snare drum was created in 1650, and the first recorded appearance of drums being hit by hand or stick in combination with drums being hit by foot pedals – thereby constituting the first known “drum set” – was in 1890.

Beginner Drum Set Lessons Online

Beginner drum set lessons are offered to students age 4 to 94. The focus of lessons in the beginning is on major muscle movements; tapping the right foot for the bass drum pedal, tapping the left hand for the snare drum, and tapping the right hand for the hi-hat. Counting aloud from 1 to 4 repeatedly is introduced right away, and then students begin to tap their foot only on “1” and “3” while counting. The same concept is carried through with each hand hitting independently at first on various numbers as they count aloud. Then one hand and one foot are tried together. When this becomes comfortable, the other hand is added, and voila – the student is playing their first basic drum set beat! From there they start to learn what the music notation is for the sounds they just created. At that point they slowly but surely work their way through various drum set patterns from A Funky Primer For The Rock Drummer method book by Charles Dowd (available in the lobby store at discounted pricing for students).

Beginner Snare Drum Lessons Online

Not ready to commit to an entire drum set just yet? That’s OK! Ryan also offers beginner snare drum lessons, which only requires a pair of drum sticks, a practice pad, and Alfred’s Drum Method Book 1 (available in the lobby store at discounted pricing for students). Ryan will begin teaching basic rudiments and other concepts from the book, all of which will come in handy on drum set as well.

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