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SINGING LESSONS KNOXVILLE TN: Popular Knoxville Academy of Music instructor Ryan Byrne is currently accepting new online voice students of all ages – but act fast, he only has a few spots remaining on his schedule!

Singing Lessons vs. Voice Lessons

Singing lessons and voice lessons are ultimately the same thing, but tend to be called “singing lessons” by the general public and “voice lessons” by music teachers.

Classical Singing vs. Popular Singing

Classical singing, and the vast body of Western classical and operatic repertoire from which it draws upon, tends to focus on the production of pure vowel sounds, often de-emphasizing or even eliminating diphthongs that might otherwise occur naturally in spoken pronunciation. Whereas popular singing often emphasizes or even over-emphasizes the use of diphthongs in a manner that is stylistically appropriate for certain genres.

Ryan believes that a basic comprehension of classical vocal concepts is very helpful even to those students that are mostly interested in singing popular styles.