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UKULELE LESSONS KNOXVILLE TN: Popular Knoxville Academy of Music instructor Ryan Byrne is currently accepting new online ukulele students of all ages – but act fast, he only has a few spots remaining on his schedule!

Ukulele History And Culture

The ukulele is known for it’s deep cultural connection with Hawaii. However, the ukulele was actually derived from an earlier instrument called the machado (a.k.a. machete), and was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese sailors in the late 1800’s. Throughout the last century the ukulele continued to expand into new areas in terms of both geography and musical genre, and enjoys a post among many modern musics as both an accompaniment and solo instrument.

Ukulele In Music Education

Ukulele is a legitimate musical instrument played by professionals, but it is also a popular instrument for beginner musicians of all ages. Smaller hands can fit comfortably around the thin neck and the four nylon strings can be easily depressed by the fretting hand and strummed with the picking hand. Sometimes ukulele is used as a gateway instrument to help young beginner students get used to the physical characteristics of playing a fretted string instrument, and can then transfer those concepts to the larger body, neck, frets and two extra strings of a guitar when their hands and fingers are large and strong enough to do so.

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